About Us

We strive to deliver products and services that best represent our client’s needs.

Our history

Harmony Empire Group is a 100% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) level 1 rated Non-Profit Company which was founded in year 2020. The company was founded by four young dynamic directors from different professional fields sharing vast interest in giving back to the community and uplifting the societies through charity modes in an effort of ‘Creating a Brighter Future’ for every disadvantaged South African.

Harmony Empire Group is registered and regulated by National Lottery Commission (Registration number 00327/01) to contact Car Raffle within South Africa.


  • To provide an opportunity to raise funds through car raffles, for public benefit, to relief and provide assistance to people who are victims of hunger and poverty during COVID19 pandemic;
  • To assist orphans by supplying them with food, shelter, medical aid and other fundamental needs;
  • To advance the education of young people for public benefit by making grants and awards to learners and students in full-time education;
  • To actively engage in community building projects including schools and hospitals/clinics;
  • To drive and formalize rural areas sporting codes, thereby promoting opportunities to less fortunate communities

Market objectives:

  • Continuously increasing the advertising efforts considerably thus ensuring we reach our number of ticket sales target;
  • Increase our brand recognition by expanding our market reach


  • In an effort of ‘Creating a Brighter Future’ for every disadvantaged South African, Harmony Empire Group will ensure fairness, honesty, integrity, ethics by building greater relationships with communities and partners with which we engage and build


To increase our charity footprint and impact to disadvantaged South Africans and make real difference in their lives and also increase our research to the dynamic economic problems whilst tackling them